Course Outline

Introduction to PL / SQL

  • Runtime Environment
  • Construction and types of PL / SQL blocks
  • Declaring and using variables
  • Control statements, decisions, loops

SQL statements in PL / SQL

  • DML commands
  • DDL and dynamic SQL
  • TCL commands and transactional

Procedures and Functions

  • Create and delete
  • Parameterization
  • Passing parameters by value and reference, nocopy

Handling errors and exceptions

Create and use cursors

  • Records
  • static cursors
  • Parameterizing cursors
  • Cursor FOR UPDATE

Associative arrays


  • The structure of the package: the specification and body
  • Section Initialization and global variables, memory management, an instance of the package
  • Encapsulation, overloading programs, pre-declaration procedures


  • DML triggers
  • The triggers Drives (INSTEAD OF)
  • The triggers system
  • New features in Oracle 11g triggers

Examples of application packages built

  • Writing to a file through UTL_FILE
  • Sending e-mails

Management code and compiler

  • Encryption code (dynamic obfuscation, wrap)
  • conditional Compilation
  • The relationships between objects
  • Warnings


  • Basic skills in any programming language, object-oriented structural or
  • The free use of the basics of SQL and knowledge of Oracle database environment (preferably Oracle 11g completion of training - Native SQL for Programmers - Workshops)
 28 Hours

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