Course Outline

Complex data types, collections

  • Subtypes
  • Cursor variables and dynamic cursors
  • Associative arrays, collections
  • Actions mass, bulk, forall
  • Exception handling bulk operations

Object orientation in an Oracle database

  • Types (classes)
  • methods of objects
  • permanent Collections
  • Functions Panel
  • streaming Features
  • Create your own aggregate functions

Calling functions in SQL, constraints, levels of purity, determinism

Organization of program units PL / SQL

  • Permissions in PL / SQL
  • Context name

Integration with other languages

  • Using JAVA
  • Linking procedures C language
  • Native compilation of the C language

Ready solutions

  • Create the application context
  • Mechanism of Virtual Private Database (VPD)
  • Support lobbying
  • Profiling code
  • Tracking code

Productivity PL / SQL code

  • Bind variables in SQL statements and the statistical distribution of
  • cursor Sharing
  • Objective query optimization
  • Feather short procedures at compile
  • Caching functions and query results

Prevention before injecting code


  • The free use of the basics of SQL and knowledge of Oracle database environment (preferably Oracle 11g completion of training - Native SQL for Programmers - Workshops)
  • Fluency in the basics of PL / SQL (preferably Oracle 11g completion of training - Programming with PL / SQL I - Workshops)
 21 Hours

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